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In photography I strive to create images that speak to Nature. I consider my work to be an expression of my connection with nature and people. I work primarily in wedding and landscape which I love the most. I always enjoy travelling to far and remote places on earth to capture the moment in time, how mother nature behaves, changes of its mood and light. I believe the most important quality of a photograph is its ability to evoke an emotional response. My camera is only one of my tools to achieve this.

I have been documenting wedding days since 2010 and I’ve had the privilege of photographing ceremonies across the Country, from Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC and beyond.

It’s a journey that’s given me the opportunity to connect with incredible people, and share in the many different ways they celebrate. Each time, my goal is the same: to capture their day purely, joyfully, and honestly.

My goal is to capture the best moments of your special day with beautiful light create speechless moments to the viewers.


2018- Epson International Pano Award - Gold and Silver

2017-Rank1 Top 10 LandscapePhotographers in India - One Eye land