Frequently asked questions

For local weddings, our starting price is $1900, providing an excellent entry point for our services. However, our clients typically find themselves investing between $2600 and $4,000, tailoring their experience to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Certainly! You have the option to enhance your coverage by including a second photographer. While I usually handle the majority of weddings solo, with the support of an assistant, having an additional photographer is always an option for those who seek more comprehensive coverage. Please note that there are additional charges for this servic

Absolutely! Every photograph you receive undergoes a meticulous hand-editing process. This ensures personalized attention to each image, avoiding bulk processing and providing a unique touch to your cherished memories. Our expert editing team even selects a few standout images for extra detailed refinement beyond the standard edits.

Our base is in the picturesque Squamish, BC. While we are passionate about capturing local stories, our photography journey has taken us across BC, Alberta, and Canada, as well as other destination wedding locations. Traveling is our expertise, and when you choose us for your destination wedding, rest assured that you're partnering with a seasoned traveler. Travel costs, including airfare, hotel, and car rentals, are straightforward – reimbursed directly by you.
For local weddings, we're always ready to hit the road with wheels and enthusiasm, capturing your story wherever it unfolds.

Our sole focus is on providing exceptional photography services. However, we've cultivated connections with remarkable cinematographers across various budget ranges. If you desire videography services, we'd be delighted to help you find the perfect fit – a team as devoted to videography as we are to photography.

Certainly! While your wedding venue typically has lower odds of requiring a permit, if you plan to venture away, obtaining a permit might be necessary. Some locations, such as national parks and public gardens, often have permit requirements. It's crucial to note that obtaining the permit is the client's responsibility, not the photographer's. We're here to assist and determine if a permit is necessary for your chosen location. Avoiding shooting in a location that mandates a permit without proper authorization is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Absolutely! Our landscape photo collections, primarily taken in Alberta, Canada, in and around Banff and Jasper National Park, offer breathtaking backdrops for post-wedding photos. While the post-wedding photography service is complimentary, all associated expenses, including hotel, food, car rental, airfares, etc., are covered by the couples.

Certainly! We understand the importance of flexibility in your photo choices. Therefore, every image is provided in both black and white and color, allowing you to select the version that best suits your preferences.

Four weeks post-wedding, your online gallery will be live, providing you with timely access to your digital files. If your collection includes printed proofs, you can expect them three weeks after your gallery's debut. Once the album designs receive your approval, it typically takes about twelve weeks to have the completed album in your hands.

No, your high-resolution files are delivered without any watermarks, ensuring that you have the clean and unobstructed images.

The number of photos you receive depends on various factors, including guest count, coverage duration, event nature, dance hours, and more. On a typical eight-hour day with a second photographer, you can expect a collection of around 400-600 images. However, this count can fluctuate based on the specifics of your day.

While the concept of copyright frequently arises, it's essential to clarify that you won't acquire the copyright. As the creator of the images, we hold the copyright. However, you have full liberty to print and circulate your images as you wish.

If you're interested, the raw images from your gallery are available for purchase.

With over a decade of experience, we offer a variety of fine art prints, including HD aluminum metal prints, canvas, framed prints, acrylic, and different photography papers. Each print is charged according to its size and medium, providing you with options that suit your preferences.

Absolutely! We value engagement sessions and offer them for free when booked together with the wedding. It's a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of your connection before the big day.