Vancouver industrial Photographer

I am a seasoned industrial photographer based in Vancouver, BC, bringing over 10 years of expertise in commercial photography. While I call Vancouver home, my services extend across the entire lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and Canada-wide.

Explore my industrial photography portfolio to witness examples of my work. Should your project not align with your envisioned outcome, feel free to connect with me for a personalized discussion.

For short-term hourly projects without usage restrictions, my standard rate is $250 per hour. Day rates may vary and are negotiable based on project specifics. Contact me today to discuss your unique project requirements and to receive a customized quote.

My commitment is to deliver superior and authentic photographs that align with your storytelling goals. Through dynamic imagery capturing your facilities, employees, staff, and visitors, I aim to enhance your brand narrative.

These images serve as a powerful communication tool, conveying messages that words alone cannot articulate. They present the authentic reality of your human-centric business, employing a distinctive perspective to showcase your value-added offerings.

As your photographer, I invest time in thorough research to understand your business intricately. This collaboration ensures that my work resonates with your brand identity, reflecting a genuine connection between photographer and client.

Whether you're seeking visuals for a school, warehouse, distribution center, factory, refinery, port, storage facility, or data center, I am dedicated to capturing your unique story with precision and creativity